Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe fired back 'On the Record' at allegations of U.S. Postal Service employee travel credit card abuse.

Reports recently surfaced of some Postal Service employees using government travel credit cards to pay for everything from gambling, to personal vacations and bowling outings. 

"The key number is very few. We have 500,000-plus excellent employees in the Postal Service who do a great job every day. A couple bad apples — we address them, we take care of that, and I think the other key thing is: No taxpayer money. We don't take it, we're self-sufficient and we want to stay that way," Donahoe told Greta Van Susteren.

"I don't agree with that," Van Susteren fired back, "I think that that's just not true because you have a $15 billion loan that you got from the federal government September 2012. That was the limit. That's as high as you can go."

"You haven't paid a dime back of it, as of a month ago, not a dime back of it. So, you owe the taxpayers $15 billion," Van Susteren added. 

"We have a plan," Donahoe interjected. 

Van Susteren went on to point out that the U.S. Postal service has a particular female employee who is one of the people who has ripped off the Postal Service to the tune of $100,000. "Maybe if she hadn't ripped off that $100,000, you could take that $100,000 and pay down that $15 billion bill to the taxpayers," Van Susteren said.

Donahoe again cited the plan that the Postal Service has in place to pay back the loan, and mentioned the need for legislation to help the USPS become debt-free by 2017.

"Congressional legislation is not a defense to a crime," Van Susteren said, "That woman that I'm talking about committed a crime. She didn't get referred to the U.S. Attorney's Office."

Van Susteren drove her point home by adding that the female Postal Service employee's case only got referred to an inspector general's office. Van Susteren said it took the inspector general 13 months to issue a report on the incident, during which time the employee stole more and didn't have her government credit cards taken away.

"A couple bad apples," Donahoe repeated, "Great employees, we do a great job. Again, no taxpayer money."

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