A Michigan teachers union has stopped fighting for a severance buyout for a convicted child rapist.

Neal Erickson, a former math teacher at Rose City Middle School in Michigan, was sentenced last summer to 15-30 years after he pleaded guilty to raping a student for three years.

The Michigan Education Association began fighting to win a $10,000 severance buyout for Erickson, despite the conviction.

Jesse Watters confronted the head of the Michigan Education Association in a Watters’ World investigation, but he refused to answer any questions.

Now, the union has withdrawn its grievance, but would not return calls for comment.

Martha MacCallum discussed the story with Bill O’Reilly. She said that if the union had a shred of decency, it should not have fought for Erickson. She said he shouldn’t even have been allowed to resign; he should have been fired.

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