House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) talked to Fox and Friends this morning, responding to some criticism of the new GOP budget proposal. Speaking on the Senate floor, Reid called the new budget plan "Koch-topia," arguing it favors the wealthy and hurts people who are struggling.

“Call it whatever you want. We might as well call it the Koch budget because that’s what they’re doing, protecting the Koch brothers," said Reid, referring to wealthy GOP donors David and Charles Koch.

Ryan slammed Senate Democrats for failing to produce a budget year after year. He said Republicans are putting forth a plan for a fourth year in a row to balance the budget "pay off the debt ... grow the economy, create jobs, [and] secure national defense."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought up criticism from Sarah Palin and other conservatives that the plan doesn't go far enough. But Ryan fired back that this proposal represents the largest cuts he's ever proposed.

"I think she ought to take a look at the details. I think she'd probably be pretty pleased. ... More importantly, we're showing that we are a governing majority here in the House. Just imagine what we could do if we had a governing majority in the Senate - not like the guy you just heard a second ago. Imagine what we could do if we had the White House," said Ryan.

Watch the full interview above.