Authorities in Florida have caught up with a Minnesota couple accused of bilking the system out of more than $160,000 through government programs that are supposed to help the poor.

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Court documents accuse Andrea and Colin Chisholm of fraudulently obtaining food stamps, Medicaid, and welfare benefits between 2005 and 2012, despite owning a $1.2 million yacht, driving a Lexus and having about $2.6 million in various bank accounts through the years.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Chisolms were being held in a Broward County jail after their arrest near Port Everglades. Authorities in the Bahamas reportedly caught up with the Chisolms, notifying them that their visas had expired and taking them back to Florida by boat.

Authorities say the couple had been posing as Scottish "aristocrats" and living a lavish lifestyle, while claiming on welfare applications that they were still living in Minnesota.

This morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck discussed the case with Florida State Rep. Jimmie Smith (R), who's working on a bill to stop this type of fraud. He explained that his bill will increase penalties for these crimes, providing more of a "disincentive" for would-be fraudsters.

Smith is also seeking more investigators to look into cases of possible welfare fraud in the state.

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