Have you ever looked forward to going to a restaurant, only to have your experience foiled by a fellow diner?

Offensive? Restaurant Bans Kids Under 18

“The Daily Meal” has composed a list of the 10 most annoying diners: the loud talker, the complainer, the PDA couple, the absentee parents, the guy with his mouth full, the obnoxious kid, the sprawler, the glad-handler, the drunk and the jerk.

Andrea Tantaros said the worst diner is the loud talker, but also the loud laugher.

Bob Beckel said he can’t stand when he is seated next to babies.

Eric Bolling said he hates when people send their food back.

Gutfeld said he’s bothered by silent married couples, people who fake-cough because of his e-cigarette, and “anyone guilty of excessive conversation that holds up your drink.”

Dana Perino gave a special shout-out to a female patron at Langan’s in New York City who laughs excessively at everything the men at her table say.

Watch the full clip above.

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