Steve, Brian and Elisabeth thought for a split second they just stumbled on a big scoop: there was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), live on Capitol Hill, unveiling a brand-new tattoo of Winston Churchill on his right arm.

The ink, which of course turned out to be an April Fools stunt, was inspired by a piece of street art (pictured above) that shows Cruz heavily tattooed.

Watch the entertaining moment in the clip below.

Before that, the discussion was focused on the Obama administration's claims about how many people are enrolled in ObamaCare. Officials claim they are on track to hit their goal of more than 7 million sign-ups, with the deadline for enrollment having just passed.

Cruz said if you look inside the numbers you discover some "funny math" because no one knows yet how many people have actually paid for premiums. He also highlighted a study that said only 11 percent of sign-ups were from people who were uninsured.

"The bulk of the people who are signing up had insurance to begin with and ya know what, they probably had their insurance canceled because of ObamaCare," said Cruz, arguing it's "abundantly clear" right now that the law is not working.