“We sure know how to rally in an emergency,” Greta Van Susteren said in her “Off the Record” commentary, referencing America’s response to Pearl Harbor, Hitler and Sept. 11.

“In an emergency, no one tops Americans, we all work together,” she said.

Van Susteren stressed that she’s proud of the nation’s response to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, giving credit to the Navy for their efforts.

“President Obama and the Pentagon, they get credit too. They never said ‘no,’ they said, ‘go,’” she said.

“And how about the American people, the taxpayers?  The nation’s in giant debt, but the taxpayers don’t say ‘no,’ they don’t say ‘it’s too expensive,’ we say ‘go.’ Says a lot about us, doesn’t it? We claw each other’s eyes out in a political fight, but in an emergency, in a time of deep sadness, we’re all on board, that’s America. Everyone can take a bow tonight,” Van Susteren said.

Watch her full “Off the Record” commentary above.

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