Self-defense or cold-blooded murder? That is the question in the murder trial of Ana Trujillo, who stabbed her boyfriend with her stiletto heel at least 25 times. The incident occurred after Trujillo, 45, and 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson got into a heated argument at his condo after a night out.

Judge Hands Down Sentence for Newlywed Cliff Murder

Prosecutors claim Trujillo had a history of anger issues during her relationship with Andersson, who was originally from Sweden and was working as a professor at University of Houston. They allege that she knocked him to the ground, injuring him, then proceeded to jump on top of him and strike him repeatedly in the face with her 5.5-inch heel.

The defense argues that Andersson had a drinking problem and was often violent toward Trujillo, whom they claim was acting in self-defense.

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