Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt tonight exposed some of the dangers and crimes of Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Fla.

Earhardt rode along with the Bay County Sheriff’s Department as they responded to incidents.

Authorities told Earhardt that arrests skyrocket over a six-week period each year due to alcohol-related incidents involving drunken driving and fighting. They say there are also crimes in which people come in to prey on intoxicated students, leading to robberies and sexual assaults.

Spring Break brings at least one death each year to the area. Some of the causes of death include alcohol poisoning, balcony falls and DUIs.

Authorities say they are outnumbered and lack the manpower to deal with the revelers.

Earhardt told Sean Hannity that she was fearful for her life at times. She said that parents would be shocked to learn what really goes on during these trips.

Watch Earhardt’s ride-along and her interview with Hannity in the video above.

Tune in tomorrow night to learn more about the portable jail cells used during Spring Break.

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