The second annual Wounded Walk kicks off from New York City on April 12. This year, Marine veteran Ross Delafield will walk to Washington, D.C., to raise awareness for wounded veterans.

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Today on "The Real Story," Gretchen Carlson spoke to Delafield and Adam Shatarsky, a Marine veteran and co-founder of the organization.

Shatarsky did the walk last year. He told Gretchen, “I wanted to do something good for the wounded vets and it was kind of an idea that I sat on while I was still enlisted.”

He said the tipping point came when his friend lost his leg from the knee down while serving in Afghanistan. Shatarsky and his friend Chris Senopol created The Wounded Walk last year.

Delafield will be carrying a 50-pound bag and a memorial log. This year’s walk will focus on suicide prevention.

For more information visit and their official Facebook page.

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