A “Special Report” panel tonight discussed ObamaCare.

President Barack Obama spoke to the media about ObamaCare, saying that there will be times when the enrollment site is down, and it will be on everyone’s front page, but it won’t be news.

Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg said that if media coverage affected ObamaCare, it would have been popular a long time ago.

Mara Liasson, of NPR, responded to John Boehner’s spokesman’s remarks that we must replace ObamaCare with patient-centered solutions. She said Republicans have shifted their message from repeal to replace, but have not come up with a bill yet.

“Obama’s done a lot of repealing of ObamaCare on his own,” Charles Krauthammer said, from repealing employer and individual mandates to letting people stay on substandard plans.

“This is being hollowed out by Obama himself,” Krauthammer said. "What Republicans are gonna do is to pick among the ruins of it when this is over.” Krauthammer said the GOP will keep elements of ObamaCare but that most of the law is already on its way out.

Watch more of the panel above.

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