All this week, Sean Hannity will bring you a special look at Spring Break, as college students from all over the country flock to Florida, Mexico and other beach destinations to engage in wild behavior.

Teens Find New Way to Secretly Smoke Pot in School

New Report Shows More and More Teens Are Smoking Marijuana

As Ainsley Earhardt found out on her recent trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, the young people there are not shy about drinking and doing drugs in public.

Ainsley recalled that some people were actually having sex on the beach, while girls were flashing the crowds for Mardi Gras-style beads.

But as she noted, sometimes there can be tragic results.

According to local authorities, there have been two deaths, one person was reported missing, one person fell off a balcony, and there have been sexual assaults reported.

Watch Ainsley's visit above and check out Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET to see what she uncovered during a ride-along with the local sheriff's department.