The White House says there is a surge in traffic to (which briefly went down) amid today’s deadline to sign up for ObamaCare.  Health and Human Services reports that more than six million people have signed up as of March 27 and the government expects to reach its original goal of seven million enrollees by the end of today.

Republican Senator John Barrasso (WY) claims the Obama administration “cooked the books” with these numbers.

This morning on America’s Newsroom, Barrasso said the administration will not release the number of people who have actually paid for insurance. In addition, he said it’s unclear how many people signed up after having their coverage cancelled thanks to ObamaCare.

Sen. Barrasso believes the health care law is unfixable. He told Bill Hemmer that if not enough younger, healthy people signed up for ObamaCare, then the government will have to bail out insurance companies because the law will fall apart. Also, he said insurance companies will have to raise their rates for next year.

“The numbers are there. The White House refuses to come clean with the American people,” he said, adding that if the administration isn’t happy with the numbers, they may never release them.

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