Does the movie “Groundhog Day” hold the secrets to a happy life? Author Charles Murray, no relation to actor Bill Murray who stars in the movie, believes it does.

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In a Wall Street Journal article, Murray outlines five tips to young people about living a happy life.

The tips include:

1. Consider marrying young

2. Learn how to recognize your soul mate

3. Don’t worry about fame and fortune

4. Take religion seriously

5. Watch “Groundhog Day” repeatedly

Today on The Five, Bob Beckel agreed with the advice on not fretting about fame and fortune.

“So few people live for today, and they get on this fast track and they’re always looking ahead … and they forget yesterday’s gone,” Beckel said. “It’s today that you can make a difference.”

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Eric Bolling believes the marriage tip is way off base.

“Forget marrying young or old. Marry right. Marry someone you have fun with, someone you can wake up every day and laugh, and make every day not Groundhog Day,” he said.

Watch the clip above and tell us what you think about Murray’s tips for a happy life. 

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