In part two of a cable exclusive interview, Megyn Kelly asked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) about a possible 2016 run.

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Christie listed Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as Republicans he thinks would make good presidential candidates. Despite having a public rift with Senator Rand Paul, Christie said he would make a “credible” candidate.

“I intend to campaign for whoever the Republican candidate is,” Christie said. “Whatever differences I may have with anyone of those people that I just named myself … it would be minor to the differences I would have with whoever the Democratic nominee is.”

When Megyn asked Christie if he will run, he answered, “We’ll see.”

“I think I’m older, I’m more experienced and it’s certainly something that I’ve said to everybody that I’ll consider,” Christie added.

Right before the 2012 presidential election, Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast. The New Jersey governor was criticized by some Republicans for praising President Obama after the hurricane.

Megyn asked Christie what he has to say to voters who are still holding that grudge.

With the exception of Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Christie said there was not another person who worked harder for Romney than he did.

“I was the first governor to come out and endorse him in the fall of 2011. I traveled to 26 states for him. And right up until the day of Hurricane Sandy, in fact that Friday before Hurricane Sandy, I was in North Carolina campaigning for and raising money for Mitt Romney,” he said, calling out his critics’ short-term memories.

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Christie said he wouldn’t change his praise of Obama’s actions after Sandy. “These are the ABC’s of me. You ask me a question, I’m going to give you an honest answer. Some days it may serve your political purpose and some days it might not.”

He added, “But in the end, the comfort you should take from it is I’m not changing as the wind blows. I say what I think.”

Christie’s praise for the Democratic president may end there. Under the Obama administration, the governor believes America is viewed as weaker around the world.

“When we retreat and we pull back, others fill that vacuum. And that’s dangerous for our country and it is sad for people around the world who are yearning to be free," he said.

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Christie also called ObamaCare “injurious,” reminding viewers that he fought hard against it in New Jersey. On the Republican side, Christie said it’ll be more effective to talk about what ideas they stand for. He predicted that Republicans will take control of the Senate in the 2014 midterm elections.

Megyn asked Christie if he feels like his luck is changing.

He responded, “I feel like tomorrow will be better than yesterday and that’s all you can hope for in this life.” 

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