A Michigan high school ripped out its baseball field’s new seating deck after a complaint that the seating was better than the girls’ softball bleachers.

Six years ago, a booster club paid for and installed the seating deck by the Plymouth Wildcats varsity boys’ baseball field because it was hard to see the games through a chain-link fence. Parents also installed a new scoreboard.

Recently, the U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights received a complaint and determined that the seats must be removed because the facility was no longer equal to the girls’ softball field.

The superintendent said the seats will be stored until they can find a solution that’s fair to everyone.

Parents Paul Gilbert and Ed Minch were on “Fox and Friends” to discuss the ordeal.

“The girls had the same opportunity to raise the same amount of money that we did,” Gilbert said. 

“This country was built by people who got their hands dirty and worked hard,” he said. “That was the idea we were presenting to our kids as they watched us build this.”

“This was our effort to leave a legacy for the kids, leave the field in better shape than we inherited it,” Minch said.

Watch the full interview above.

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