Fox News contributor and syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham joined Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz to discuss the current climate of cable news and whether the political rhetoric on cable talk shows is getting worse.

Ingraham said she doesn’t want to hear scripted debates and likes to hear from guests who surprise her.  “There are real disagreements in the conservative movement on immigration, on foreign policy, on how we should cut or not cut the military or foreign aid,” she said.  “These are important issues and it makes [the conversation] vibrant and much more exciting.”

She cited Bill O’Reilly as a good example of a talk show host who has an “innate sense of fairness” who aims to educate the public and hold people accountable. “People want to believe and want to think that there’s someone out there really swinging for them, someone who really wants to help them, Ingraham​ said. “I think we need more people on television who look like they’re fighting for the average guy out there versus the GOP or the Democrats or for Hillary or for Jeb.  I think that’s old, I think people are tired of that.” 

When asked why she hasn’t taken up a hosting gig on cable television, Ingraham said she valued the intimacy and connection she has with her listeners.

Watch the full interview above.