President Obama met for the first time Thursday with Pope Francis at the Vatican, but the post-meeting statements from the White House and the Vatican differed on what was discussed in the nearly hour-long conversation. On one hand, Chris Wallace pointed out that President Obama said afterwards that the main topics were income inequality and global conflicts.

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The Vatican, however, released a statement that the two discussed the "exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection." Many have questioned whether the pontiff would broach the subject of the Hobby Lobby case with President Obama.

In that case, which is now before the Supreme Court, the company has objected on religious grounds to the ObamaCare requirement that it must provide contraceptive coverage in employees' health care plans.

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the issue "is clearly on the mind of the Vatican," saying he cannot recall any time since the Civil War that the Catholic Church has been so "aligned uniformly" against a U.S. president.

"There is so much litigation, almost all of which is Catholic-motivated and the administration is not giving an inch," he said, adding that he believes the topic was discussed and the White House chose not to share it with the press.

Juan Williams argued that the Vatican statement - referencing the topic of religious freedom - was probably crafted before the talks happened amid pressure from bishops in the U.S.

"Of course it was a conflict," said Charles Krauthammer, bringing some laughs from Juan and the judge when he explained how he sees the contradiction.

"On one hand, you have the Bishop of Rome, the Holy See, of whom a billion believe in his infallibility. On the other hand, you've got a man who said 'if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. So who ya gonna choose?" he asked.

Krauthammer believes the White House might explain the contradiction by saying Obama discussed one set of topics with the pope and the issue of religious freedom with a separate Vatican official.

Watch the discussion above, including whether the panel thinks was a significant discussion or more of a photo-op. Check back daily on Fox News Insider for more analysis from Charles and Judge Nap!

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