A federal judge in Montana handed down a sentence this afternoon in the case that has become known as the "newlywed murder trial." As Shep Smith reported this hour, Jordan Graham was sentenced to 30 years in prison for pushing her husband off a cliff last summer in Glacier National Park.

Video: ‘I Let Go and I Pushed and He Went Over’

U.S. District Judge Don Molloy sentenced the 22-year-old to 365 months in prison, with no possibility of parole. He noted that she never expressed remorse for the murder of Cody Johnson, 25, her husband of eight days.

Graham at first claimed her husband had gone missing, but eventually admitted she pushed him over the edge during an argument.

Graham pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, then tried to withdraw the plea when prosecutors asked for a sentence of 50 years to life. The prosecution argued for the stiff sentence based on some planning of the murder by Graham.

The defense had argued for a 10-year sentence.