A law firm hired to conduct an internal investigation into a scandal involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's office and traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge released its findings today. The firm found that Christie was not involved in the so-called "Bridgegate" plot. The attorney who led the investigation joined Megyn Kelly to talk about the findings amid questions on the investigation's objectivity and thoroughness. 

"There's not a shred of evidence that Governor Christie knew anything about this lane realignment decision before it happened. Not a shred," said attorney Randy Mastro. 

Mastro went on to say that he is an Independent and a registered Democrat, and that he went into the investigation with a "completely" open mind. "You've got to understand it serves no one's interests -- not mine or my law firm's, not Governor Christie's, not the governor's office or the people of the state of New Jersey -- for us to do anything other than to try to get to the truth," Mastro said.

"We believe we've gotten to the truth, and we will be judged by whether we got it right. We believe we got it right."

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