Storm chasers put their lives on the line to research tornadoes and now something is being done to make their jobs safer. Garrett Tenney reported from Marshalltown, Iowa, to show us the new protective vehicle he describes as, "a cross between the Batmobile and a tank."

Could Tornadoes Be Stopped a 'Great Wall' in Midwest?

The vehicle, aptly named Dorothy, allows storm chasers to get up close and personal with tornadoes. Dorothy, totaling 9,000 pounds, is made from a commercial van with added layers of steel and military grade half-inch-thick polycarbonate. Dorothy also includes a hydraulic system to raise the vehicle to prevent debris from getting under the tires, as well as to protect the van from getting flipped over.

Dorothy is also equipped with two GoPro cameras on the front, as well as cameras on the inside that are live-streamed to the internet. A slow-motion camera captures tornado damage as it happens, allowing builders to better understand how a structure is impacted by tornado-force winds.

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