A new report says that officials believe the captain of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 deliberately redirected the plane.

A source reportedly told USA Today that the jet disappearance was no accident, even calling it premeditated.

The investigator, who is not authorized to speak publicly on the case, said that only Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah had the experience and expertise to fly the plane in this manner. Investigators don’t believe the co-pilot had the experience to divert the plane.

The source said that no connections have been found between the captain and any militant groups.

Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8. The Malaysian government believes the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean and that there were no survivors.

A French satellite found a possible debris field containing 122 objects in the Indian Ocean.

Megyn Kelly discussed this new report with a panel of experts. Watch the video above to hear more.

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