Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was on “Hannity” tonight where he blasted ObamaCare ahead of yet another delay.

The Obama administration is extending the March 31 deadline for Americans who say they have begun to enroll in health insurance.

“It’s become a law that is full of so many holes, so many arbitrary exemptions, who knows what the law is anymore, but also who knows what the rule of law is because he’s not supposed to write the law, he’s supposed to execute the law,” Paul said.

Paul referenced the “hardship exemption” and said ObamaCare is costing him four times more than what his old insurance cost. “So can I get a hardship exemption now?” he said.

The Kentucky senator told Sean Hannity that he doesn’t think changing the law or giving arbitrary exemptions can be done without Congress. He said he believes Obama’s actions are unconstitutional.

Paul blasted ObamaCare for being “full of coercion and mandates” and called it “the opposite of what America was founded on.” He said the administration is mandating that Americans have certain types of birth control and diet counseling, all while ObamaCare is denied at top cancer hospitals.

The “arrogance of ObamaCare,” Paul said, is that the administration thinks people are too dumb to make choices for themselves.

Hannity and Paul discussed the Hobby Lobby case that’s in the Supreme Court. Paul said Americans should not have to pay a penalty to exercise their freedom of religion.

Watch the full interview above.

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