The White House has announced another ObamaCare delay, extending the deadline past March 31 for some Americans who have begun to enroll in a health plan.

A “Special Report” panel discussed the latest extension, which is based on the honor system. Now, Americans just need to check a box on, saying they tried to enroll before the deadline.

“Well this is no way to run a government,” Steve Hayes, of the Weekly Standard, said.

Charles Krauthammer said none of the words written in the law really matter “because they get changed arbitrarily.”

“There’s a reason why you have a deadline on enrollment, there’s a reason why it’s a set period of time,” Krauthammer said. “Because if you have a system where you don’t disqualify people who have preexisting conditions, unless you have a fixed enrollment period, nobody will ever sign up for insurance or pay a premium when they’re healthy. They’ll wait ‘til they get a cancer diagnosis or fall down the stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs, pick up the phone and enroll for their insurance, which of course will send all the companies into bankruptcy.”

Watch more of the panel above.

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