America's Newsroom revealed some incredible video this morning of a BASE jump from One World Trade Center. Four men have been arrested in connection with the brazen stunt, turning themselves in to NYC authorities Monday afternoon.

Report: Teen Walks Past Sleeping Guard, Gets to Top of World Trade Center

The thrill-seekers, identified as James Brady, Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich, taped their jump on Sept. 30 with a helmet cam. The other man allegedly acted as a lookout.

The leap from the 1,776-foot-tall Freedom Tower spire ended with the man on the video landing safely in the middle of an intersection. After posting bail, one of the daredevils explained that it was easy to get to the top of the nation's tallest building. All they had to do was walk through a broken fence that was being covered with a tarp.

One of the men had been working a construction job at the WTC site, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which strongly condemned the jumpers' actions.

According to the New York Post, a lawyer for the men says any money they make through ads on YouTube would go to charity.

Just last week, a New Jersey teen was able to slip through a fence, walk past security and then get to the top of the Freedom Tower.

Watch the video above in the report from Laura Ingle.