Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) helped convince Congress to drop a provision in the Ukraine aid bill that would have forced taxpayers to pony up an additional $68 million to the International Monetary Fund.

On Tuesday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) removed the provision from the package. Sen. Cruz joined Your World with reaction to the news.

“I commend Harry Reid for listening to reason, for listening to views of the other side,” he said.

Sen. Cruz told Neil Cavuto the IMF provision had nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis and should not have been in the bill to begin with.

“We have bipartisan support for imposing tough sanctions on Russia,” the senator said. “Unfortunately, the Obama administration tried to use it as an excuse to ram through changes to the IMF that they’ve been pushing for years.”

What’s really nonsensical, Sen. Cruz said, is that the changes would have decreased America’s influence at the IMF and increased Russia’s. 

Watch the full Your World interview with Sen. Ted Cruz above!