As the debate continues over the government's intelligence-gathering methods, outgoing NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander will sit down with Bret Baier in an exclusive interview, tonight at 6p ET on Special Report.

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Hear Gen. Alexander give his response to the criticism of the NSA, just as President Obama vows to roll back the agency's controversial bulk collection of phone calls.

In the preview clip above, Alexander defends the NSA's methods, making clear that the agency does not have the contents of Americans' emails and phone calls. He said the data collection only includes the numbers involved in a particular phone call.

"When people say 'well you're listening to everything in there or doing that,' they're wrong," said Alexander.

Bret brought up the recent statements by former President Jimmy Carter, who said he sends letters now because he's worried the NSA could be looking at his emails.

"Well we're not, so he can now go back to writing emails," said Alexander, pointing out that 12 instances of wrongdoing that were found had already been self-reported by the NSA.

Don't miss Bret's exclusive interview, tonight at 6p ET on Special Report.

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