The photo above was snapped moments after first responders in Washington State rescued a four-year-old boy from the deadly mudslide. They had spotted him drowning in debris.

Amazing Rescue: Infant Gets Life-Saving CPR on Miami Highway reported

"He was stuck. He was sunk into that mud so well that his pants came right off," said Ed Hrivnak with Pierce County Fire and Rescue. "The mud had compacted around him and had created such suction that he couldn`t move."

Neighbor Robin Youngblood said, “They brought him to us in the ambulance. I took all his clothes off because he was freezing, wrapped him up and held him and told him I was a grandma.”

She comforted the child until his mother arrived at the hospital.

Youngblood said the child’s father and three siblings are among at least 100 people still missing. So far, 14 people have been confirmed dead. 

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