Greta Van Susteren went “Off the Record” tonight to comment on the Thai media’s anger over comments she made about Thailand’s government.

Van Susteren recently called Thailand “the lamest country of the day” because officials knowingly sat on radar information pertaining to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

“Thailand’s excuse? They said no one had asked. Well, that’s lame,” she said, adding that they knew how desperately people were looking for the plane.

“I also used the term ‘jerks.’ Now, ‘jerks’ for me is an entry-level insult. They should see how expansive my vocabulary can get, maybe not suitable for TV.”

The Bangkok Post was among the publications that wrote about Van Susteren’s remarks. At the end of the editorial, it says:

The unpleasant fact is, name-calling aside, the core of Ms Van Susteren's comment was correct […] Ms Van Susteren was rude, crude and deeply offensive. But at least she cared enough to comment and bring to light this deep failure.

“To Thailand: I’m sorry I got mad, and I’m sorry I insulted them,” she said.

Watch her full remarks above.

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