Mitt Romney sat down with Sean Hannity to discuss the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis and how President Barack Obama is dealing with Russia.

Flashback to the 2012 presidential debate when President Obama took a jab at the GOP candidate for saying Russia was America’s number one geopolitical foe.

During a news conference in The Hague on Tuesday, ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl asked Obama whether Romney had a point given Russia’s recent takeover of Crimea.

Obama called Russia a “regional power” that doesn’t pose the number one national security threat to the United States. The president said he was more worried about a nuclear attack in Manhattan.

Romney told Hannity, “Russia obviously plays in very important regions of the world. Not only Eastern Europe … but also in the Middle East now in a very significant way.”

He pointed out that Russia constantly sides with some of the “world’s worst actors” and has twice as many nuclear warheads as the U.S.

“This is a nation which I don’t see as a threat to us. I indicated at the time that the greatest threat to us is a nuclear Iran,” Romney said. “But in terms of who is playing politically against America, of course it’s Russia and of course the president recognizes that. He may not want to say it.”

Romney said it’s hard to name a single country that holds the U.S. in higher esteem now than when Obama took office five years ago.

“We need a president that understands that not everybody around the world has the same interests. Some people around the world want to oppress other people and expand territory,” he said.

Hannity asked Romney what he thinks about the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia.

Romney said the leader of the free world needs to be able to predict and prepare for what may happen in the future.

“With regards to Ukraine, the president should have been able to see this coming. I’m sure many advisers told him that Russia might try and grab a piece of Ukraine,” he said, adding that Obama should’ve then taken action like threatening sanctions beforehand to prevent the crisis.

Romney criticized then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for giving Russia the “reset” button. “It’s like are you kidding me? Don’t you understand that … Putin has different interests than America and they will pursue those interests.”

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