Matt Drudge created a firestorm over the weekend with his claim that he had to pay the ObamaCare tax penalty.

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The Internet pioneer and creator of the Drudge Report tweeted:

Liberal critics and the White House quickly pounced, noting that the tax does not apply until next year.

Today on The Five, Eric Bolling pointed out that all small business owners know that they must pay their quarterly taxes. “What I assume [Drudge] did is he anticipated what his end of year penalty … for this year will be and he did it on a quarterly basis.”

Jesse Lee, director of Progressive Media, tweeted from an official White House Twitter account:

Bolling slammed the White House’s “cheap shot” about Drudge's relevance by comparing the millions of visitors to the Drudge Report website versus

Andrea Tantaros called Lee’s remark an “indictment on how ignorant the policy staffers are and the media can be.”

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Dana Perino defended Lee somewhat, noting that it wasn’t until she left the White House under the Bush administration and started her own business that she learned about tax preparation.

“If you’re a conservative and you don’t want the IRS on your tail, you better do the right thing and pay the penalty in advance when you do your quarterly taxes,” she said. 

Bob Beckel was skeptical of Drudge’s motives for tweeting about the ObamaCare penalty. “So what if Bob’s right?” Greg Gutfeld chimed in, “[Drudge is] still doing the right thing and it’s smart of him to have figured that out as a publicity tool.”

Watch the full discussion in the clip above!

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