A “Special Report” panel today discussed how G7 leaders met in The Hague and announced that they would be excluding Russia from the G8 and boycotting a planned summit in Sochi.

Jason Riley, of the Wall Street Journal, said Russian President Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Russian empire while President Barack Obama and our allies in Europe are sitting around discussing international law and “kicking Putin out of clubs he doesn’t care about in the first place.”

Riley said Putin knows that the administration doesn’t have the stomach for confrontation and will continue to take advantage of that.

“Suspending him from the G8 is like suspending a vegan from a steakhouse,” Ron Fournier, of the National Journal, said.

Fournier referenced Charles Krauthammer’s piece in The Washington Post, in which he wrote:

Early in the Ukraine crisis, when the Europeans were working on bringing Ukraine into the EU system and Vladimir Putin was countering with threats and bribes, one British analyst lamented that “we went to a knife fight with a baguette.”

Fournier said bringing a baguette to a knife fight is kind of what Obama did today.

“I’m not even sure he’s got half a baguette in his bag,” Krauthammer quipped.

“It is beyond belief what’s going on in Europe,” Krauthammer said.

Watch the clip above.

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