Photos of two Malaysia Airlines passengers are under scrutiny this morning as the search continues for the missing airliner. The surveillance pictures show two men who were found to have boarded the flight with stolen passports.

UPDATE: Malaysian PM Says Flight 370 Was Lost in Indian Ocean

Now some are questioning whether the photos were doctored because the men appear to have identical legs. Malaysian police say one photo was on top of the other when they were photocopied, which led to the legs looking the same.

But the photos are only leading to more and more claims of conspiracies and cover-ups as the mystery goes on for a third week.

What's your take on the photos?

Meantime, more objects have been spotted in an area of the southern Indian Ocean and Australian and Chinese ships are working to locate the possible debris. None of the objects seen on satellite images in recent days have been confirmed as being from Flight 370.

Watch David Piper's report on the latest developments below: