ObamaCare turns four years old this week – but are Americans really better off?

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On Fox and Friends, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called the Affordable Care Act a “disaster.”

He said liberals should have pushed for a single-payer system because that would have at least been logical and simple.

“This sort of insane hybrid which is essentially the federal government taking over and directing, making tens of thousands of pages of regulations for the insurers is a system that doesn’t work, and everybody can see it," he said.  

About five million Americans had their existing health insurance coverage cancelled thanks to the implementation of ObamaCare.

Krauthammer slammed liberals for not helping the people who were already uninsured. “They don’t want targeted solutions. They want to take stuff over. That’s what Obama did.”

He said the administration essentially semi-nationalized one-sixth of the economy and intruded into the lives of people who already had coverage.

The fundamental deception of the law, Krauthammer said, is that “you can’t keep you doctor, you can’t get the best hospitals. They have changed the system gratuitously using the uninsured as the excuse for doing it.”

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