Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss creating jobs.

The Texas governor said that the red states are the ones that are creating jobs. There’s no income tax in Texas, and Perry said the state is one of the lowest tax burden states in the country. New York has the highest tax burden, and Perry said that’s one of the reasons why he was in New York recruiting businesses.

“Listen, if you wanna live in a state that has high taxes, if you wanna live in a state that’s got a regulatory climate that is very burdensome, if you wanna live in a state that, you know, has huge, strong, powerful unions that are impacting negatively how your kids’ education’s gonna turn out, you could live in New York or California.”

Perry said the key to creating jobs is simple. “People long for freedom, freedom from taxation, freedom from litigation, freedom from overregulation,” he said. “If you will free them from that, then the jobs will be created.”

In the last decade, Perry said that more than 27 percent of all jobs in the United States’ private sector were created in Texas, and 95 percent of those jobs pay above the minimum wage.

“We oughta be talking about the maximum wage people can make,” he said.

When asked if he’s thinking about running for president in 2016, Perry said he’s “keeping the option open.”

Watch his full interview above.

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