The Wall Street Journal reported last week that some within Hillary Clinton's inner circle think she should not run for president again in 2016. Harris Faulkner and the Political Insiders panel - Pat Caddell, John LeBoutillier, and Doug Schoen - weighed the issue Sunday night on Fox Report.

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Friends of Mrs. Clinton expressed concerns about the physical toll that the presidential campaign would take, with some arguing that as she approaches 70, the former First Lady should be free to focus on the issues that are most important to her.

Schoen explained there are also "all sorts of personal and political reasons" for why those close to Hillary Clinton would rather see her stay out of the race. Her opponents would likely focus on problems with ObamaCare, the reset of relations with Russia that she oversaw as secretary of state, and her handling of the Benghazi attack.

Schoen still believes, however, that she will be in the race. LeBoutillier questioned why the article appeared now, pointing out that the Clinton inner circle wouldn't be talking unless they were given permission by Hillary.

"I have a theory. The Clinton 2016 campaign is more Bill than Hillary. This is Bill Clinton, the alpha dog who's out there. If he could, he'd run for president himself but he can't. He wants redemption for what went on and he's a smart guy and he cares about the country too. I think that he is pushing this Clinton thing and I have a feeling she can't probably talk to him and say I'm not so sure I really want to do it," he said.

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