A Connecticut family fighting for custody of their sick teenage daughter is forced to wait for answers after a judge delayed a ruling on her case again. Justina Pelletier, 15, has been a ward of the state of Massachusetts for over a year.

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The battle began after doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital disputed a diagnosis by Tufts Medical Center that Justina has mitochondrial disease, instead saying she suffered from a psychological condition. When Justina’s parents tried to remove her from the hospital to take her back to Tufts, she was placed in DCF foster care.  

Martha MacCallum sat down with Justina’s father and sister, Lou and Jennifer Pelletier, this morning on America’s Newsroom.

Lou said the judge has repeatedly kicked the can down the road in his daughter’s case, leading him to think "it’s not going to be good news.”

Jennifer told Martha when she last saw her sister on Friday, her condition had gotten worse.

“This is the most severe I’ve seen her legs swollen. The DCF worker even acknowledged that she has edema," Jennifer said. "[Justina] said she can’t feel from her hips down.”

What’s more outrageous is that the DCF hasn’t allowed Justina to receive a checkup for her worsening condition. Jennifer said she was informed that Justina will not receive medical help until after the court ruling. “I don’t get how you can just neglect somebody’s medical care like that,” she said.

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