Greta Van Susteren went “Off the Record” tonight, asking: Why is President Barack Obama giving up our Internet rights?

Van Susteren echoed concerns that the plan to cede the Internet domain system to an international agency isn’t in the United States’ best interests. She also agreed that other countries may shut down dissenters.

“Even with our imperfections, we are the best protectors of free speech,” she said.

But Van Susteren had another point to make.

“The Internet is ours, American ingenuity, we created it, and control is both powerful and valuable, so why in the world do we just give it away?” she asked.

The Obama administration says it wants to support a global multi-stakeholder Internet community.

“Now, I’m all for playing nice in the world, but let other countries come up with their own great ideas,” Van Susteren said. “The world is lucky. Right now, we’re letting them use our technology free with no strings attached.”

“We’re a very generous nation, but this one goes way too far,” she said.

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