Where is missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said he believes the jetliner is in the Indian Ocean and that the Malaysian government spent too long focusing on the northern corridor.

McCaul said officials have not yet ruled out the possibility that the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere, though he said that’s less likely.

“There are many theories floating around out there,” McCaul said. “None, in my opinion, connect the dots at this point in time, but that’s why we have an investigation ongoing.”

Satellite images point to the possible debris site as being in an area of the Indian Ocean that’s known for its high winds and rough seas.

Former NTSB and FAA crash investigator Alan Diehl said we need a lot more resources in order to find the debris. He said it would probably be a long time before the black box is located, unless we luck out.

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