Greg Gutfeld sat down with Howard Kurtz this week on “Media Buzz” to discuss his new book, Not Cool—The Hipster Elite and Their War On You.”

Gutfeld said the book idea came from a trend he kept seeing, where people did stupid things because of a desire to be liked.

The “Red Eye” host and “The Five” co-host said liberals are viewed as cool, while being conservative is seen as uncool.

“Being cool is subverting tradition,” he said, yet he argued that conservatives – those perceived to be uncool – are the ones actually getting things done.

Then, there’s the media, which Gutfeld described as “desperate to be seen as cool.”

“They want to be seen as celebrities, but they’re not. For example, if you’ve ever seen reporters around movie stars, they’re worse than groupies. They run to get their pictures taken. To me, that is sad.”

Watch his full interview above. Buy his book here.

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