A California woman named Tiffany Austin says a Planet Fitness gym asked her to wear more clothing because her body was too toned and was intimidating the other members. Austin said she was wearing a tanktop that showed her stomach and capri pants when she was asked by a staff member to put on a t-shirt.

On America's News HQ, Sandra Smith discussed the case with defense attorneys Jonna Spilbor and David Wohl.

Spilbor defended the gym, saying, "Planet Fitness has a very strict business model, they have actually trademarked the word 'lunk.' They have a policy that you can not intimidate people, you can't huff and puff, you can't drop weights and you can't look too good. This is entirely in keeping with their business model, they are in the right."

Wohl argued, "This is just not actionable in a business sense, but in a constitutional sense. Like race, like gender, body type is a protected class."

Planet Fitness released a statement saying, "At Planet Fitness, we are committed to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for all of our members. As such, Planet Fitness clubs have a dress policy that is enforced at the staff's discretion. In this particular instance, club staff received complaints from several members about Ms. Austin's attire. As a result, a staff member informed her of the dress code policy and also offered to provide her with a free t-shirt to complete her workout. Planet Fitness' dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs."

According to a local report, it was Austin's first workout at the gym after signing up. She quickly got her money back and canceled her membership after the complaints.

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