Emphasizing the word "affordable" in the Affordable Care Act, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went on the offensive against the notion that ObamaCare is going to lead to Republican victories in the November midterms.

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Pelosi lashed out at the GOP for repeatedly calling the new law "ObamaCare" and not by its official name - the Affordable Care Act.

"The reason they changed the name of it is because they, the opponents, want to get away from the word 'affordable,'" she argued in remarks to reporters Thursday.

Bill Hemmer got some reaction from Juan Williams and Brad Blakeman, and he pointed out that President Obama has actually used the word "ObamaCare." Hemmer asked Williams about a new Pew Research poll showing 53% disapprove of ObamaCare, compared to 41% approval, saying the American people will ultimately decide whether they think it's affordable.

Williams maintained he could "easily" make the argument that it's affordable, arguing that the majority of Americans want to make the law work, not scrap it altogether.

Blakeman disagreed, saying "under the present metrics" the law cannot work, calling out the Obama administration for refusing to disclose what the "metrics" really are. He pointed out that the delays and exemptions that have been given to employers and individuals stem from the fact that premiums are not affordable.

"They're just forestalling the inevitable and that is: ObamaCare cannot work because they don't have enough young people paying in who are healthy to pay for those [who are] sick, who need it now," he said.

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