Howard Kurtz gave us an exclusive preview of his sit-down with 'The Five' and 'Red Eye' host Greg Gutfeld, who explained just how 'uncool' the members of the mainstream media are. Check out Greg's new book, and tune in to Media Buzz, Sunday at 11a/5p ET on Fox News Channel.

Read more from Howard below, and watch a sneak peek of the interview above.

Some people - Fox fans, at least - might say Greg Gutfeld is cool.

He insists otherwise.

He told me so himself—he wasn’t cool in high school, and he’s not cool now.

So when I sat down to interview Gutfeld for Sunday’s “Media Buzz,” I figured I’d better go easy on him, since I regard myself as passably cool.

Big mistake. The guy is fast on his feet. I guess he’s had a lot of practice jabbing Bob Beckel on “The Five.”

Yes, Gutfeld was pushing his book “Not Cool—The Hipster Elite and Their War On You.” And it turns out he doesn’t think most of his TV colleagues meet the coolness standard.

“The media are desperate to be seen as cool,” he told me. “They want to be seen as celebrities, but they’re not. For example, if you’ve ever seen reporters around movie stars, they’re worse than groupies. They run to get their pictures taken. To me, that is sad.”

Under interrogation, I got to his real beef: that those seen as cool—that is, liberals—set the parameters of coolness for everyone else. Thus, conservatives—and this is partly their own fault, he says—fall short of coolness.

“Conservatives are the people who get things done,” Gutfeld said, but that’s seen as “boring,” while those who are “subverting tradition” are celebrated by the media.

Gutfeld isn’t boring. And the coolest thing is that I got to give him a hard time.

In the clip below, Kurtz spoke to Jenna Lee today about another topic he'll delve into on Sunday's show: a reporter's claim that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney knows the questions before his media briefings.