Greg Gutfeld stopped by Fox And Friends this morning to give Brian, Steve and Elisabeth the details on his new book "Not Cool." Gutfeld explained why he wrote the book.

"It's about the people that are constantly telling you that you're not cool and when in reality they're the people who aren't cool. It started in fifth grade when people started creating cliques, but it's moved on to high school, to college, to politics. We elected a president because he was cool," he said, while explaining that the media made John McCain not cool.

Gutfeld went on to say that the word 'cool' should be metaphorically banned and replaced with 'good.'

"The destructive element of 'cool' is that it eliminated the value system of good versus bad, so you could just say, 'that's cool.' Even bad behavior, destructive behavior, that hurts you personally, whether it's drug abuse or promiscuity, could be seen as cool because there's no value attributed to it," said Gutfeld.

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