A flight simulator belonging to the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is set to be analyzed at an FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia where authorities will attempt to retrieve deleted data files as part of the investigation into the March 8 disappearance of the jetliner. Forensic investigators will also be looking into what was on the home computer of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

What Are Terrorists Learning From Flight 370 Mystery?

In an exclusive Kelly File interview, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said authorities can still not rule out sabotage or hijacking. It all comes back to the Boeing 777's transponder, which was manually disabled by someone on the plane before the airliner flew for several more hours.

"From what [Boeing] has been told, there just simply is no way that a catastrophic event turned that transponder off. Somebody had to manually turn it off," he said.

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