Firefighters are seeking changes to ObamaCare and are taking their fight to Capitol Hill.  The President of the International Association of Firefighters Harold Schaitberger joined Jenna Lee to discuss how the Affordable Care Act’s reinsurance fee will have a negative impact on the health benefits of firefighters.

“The problem with ObamaCare right now is that it puts many of our plans in jeopardy,” said Schaitberger. “It doesn’t treat us on a level playing field with the plans that are available in the private insurance industry.”

The IAFF hopes lawmakers will eliminate or delay the reinsurance fee for self-insured plans.  Schaitberg expressed frustration over the numerous changes and fixes to the health care law.

“It seems when the administration has found a need to find a regulatory fix for a delay or certain modifications, they’re able to do it,” he said.  “For those changes that we’re seeking, that will make our plans viable and protect our members’ benefits, we’re told to we’ve got to go to Congress, 'these are going to require legislative fixes,' which quite frankly we all know in this current environment is just very unlikely, if not impossible to do.”

The IAFF represents more than 300,000 full-time professional firefighters and paramedics.