A Michigan elementary school teacher caused a bit of an uproar when she allowed her fifth-grade students to drink non-alcoholic beer. Parents became concerned when their kids came home and reported drinking beer in class, with some even bringing home a bottle of O'Doul's.

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The teacher in Linden explained to administrators how it all came about, according to WXYZ in Detroit, by writing the following:

"Students were assigned a project on colonial times that fit the era between 1630 - 1770. Students were asked to research their idea and present it to the class. One of the things that we talk about in our discussions is that beer was common for drinking because of the bad water found in colonial times. Even children drank beer for safety reasons. One of the students asked if they could bring in a non-alcoholic beer. I said they could as long as there was no alcohol involved. The project was authentic to the time period and very controlled in the classroom, so the students had a small taste of the O'Douls beverage. Students did not have to drink it if they chose not to."

O'Doul's, though advertised as non-alcoholic, actually contains 0.5% alcohol and buyers must be 21 or older.

The superintendent has called the teacher's actions an "honest mistake," and police say at this point they will not pursue any charges.

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