Last fall, Brian Kilmeade stopped by Red Eye to discuss his new book, "George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution." Today on "Kilmeade & Friends" on Fox News Radio, the roles were reversed as Gutfeld stopped by to talk about his latest book, "Not Cool."

Insider Exclusive: Greg Gutfeld Previews His New Book, "Not Cool"

After opining about what the name of Brian's show should be and discussing the Malaysia flight mystery, Gutfeld explained how he came up with the idea to write "Not Cool." He recalled that he found himself repeating a lot of the same things in his monologues on The Five and Red Eye.

"A book comes about when you notice trends. Like Joy of Hate, I noticed this fake intolerance kept coming up in all my monologues. A lot of these chapters started as monologues," he said, explaining that he keeps noticing adult-on-adult peer pressure.

"We are susceptible to liars who are telling us what's good for us and they have described themselves as hip. ... If you didn't vote for President Obama, you weren't cool and that worked," said Gutfeld.

Watch the full interview above. The discussion about the book begins about halfway through. Go here to purchase "Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You."

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