Some ObamaCare patient protections are working, while others have had unintended consequences.

Under ObamaCare, parents can keep their children on their policies until they’re 26, insurance companies can’t deny coverage due to preexisting conditions, and there are no longer lifetime limits on coverage.

But one big promise – “If you like your doctor, you keep your doctor” – turned out to be inaccurate.

Just days ago, President Barack Obama conceded that point.

The problem is that the law requires new policies sold in the individual market to cover what it deems essential services, including preventative care, rehab and maternity services.

Obama just extended tens of millions of plans that don’t cover those benefits for the next two years in order to avoid more political backlash. Last fall, more than 6 million policies were canceled.

Another issue that some patients are running into is a more limited choice of doctors and hospitals.

For some people, the Affordable Care Act simply isn’t affordable due to high deductibles.

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