It's the time of year when NFL players are on the move with free agency in full swing. Among the transactions last week was longtime Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith moving on to the Baltimore Ravens in a trade.

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A North Carolina dad posted his son Gavin's emotional reaction and the YouTube video (below) has gone viral in the last few days.

In the video, Matt Simone tells his son that the team doesn't want the 34-year-old Smith "because they said he was too old to play" and asks, "who are we going to cheer for on Sundays now?"

"Nobody!" Gavin screams, adding that he now "hates" the Panthers.

His younger sister seemed amused by the whole thing, excitedly saying that now they can all cheer for quarterback Cam Newton!

The story has a cool ending though, as the clip quickly found its way to Smith on Twitter.

Watch the priceless viral video below and let us know: did you have any similar outbursts over your favorite player when you were a kid?

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